Since everyone loved "Where's the Cat?" so much, we thought it would be fun to put up a "Where's the Dog?" post. Besides, it's only fair, right?  Don't want to leave the dog-lovers out of all the fun! So, here ya go! Enjoy! ♥

Oh, there are THREE (3) dogs in this picture ... 
one dog on-leash, and two dogs without a leash.

Also, just as in "Where's the Cat?", once you find the Dogs, PLEASE do NOT spoil it by saying WHERE they are.  You can say that you found them, and how long it took you though ... just NO hints, please ... just as with the kitty, the doggies really are there ... plain-as-day, once you see it ... LOL ♥

 To enlarge the photo even more ... hold the "Ctrl" key while you scroll OR while you press the "+" key.

Have Fun! :o)

date Wednesday, January 4, 2012

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