Have you ever lost your dog/pet before? What steps did you take to find them? What worked? Did not work? Did a "Reward" work?
In addition to placing BIG bright/neon-colored signs (not your small flyers), like the one above, on street corners ... here is a quick list we put together on where to POST local flyers (ask first, of course, and place on their bulletin boards and/or door or store fronts) >>>

  • - Handout to neighbors (door-to-door)
  • - Schools
  • - Churches
  • - Post Office (AND local mail-person)
  • - Police Station (AND any local police you see out & about the area)
  • - Fire Station
  • - Dog Walkers/ Pet Sitters (like All God's Creatures Pet Services )
  • - Food delivery places (Pizza, Chinese,etc.)
  • - Gas Stations
  • - Veterinarians
  • - Dog Groomers
  • - Pet stores
  • - Fed Ex/ UPS delivery-persons
  • - Newspaper delivery-person (Pioneer Press, StarTrib, Local papers)
  • - "Milkman"  (i.e Schwans, Coborns, etc.)
  • - Garbage man
  • - Grocery Stores
  • - Local Businesses 
  • - Lawn/Snow removal services

You could also "paint" your car window with the info., like these folks did! Just make sure you use your cell number, or one of those pay-by-the-minute cell phones (to protect your privacy & safety), and NOT your home phone number. Oh, and be sure to use washable/non-permanent "car window paint/chalk".>>>

Of course, we have social media available to us too, now-a-days ... so make a Facebook PAGE (not a profile) for your DOG/CAT ... yes, it is OK to make a PAGE for your pet. If you make a profile for them, Facebook will take it down, but pages are allowed.

Once you have a page set-up for your pet, upload your "LOST" flyer and several recent photos of your missing pet.  Then start "sharing"/cross-posting like crazy.  Ask all your friends & family to share your posts too. Also make sure to go to all the Facebook pages of the places listed ABOVE, and place your "LOST" flyer on their Facebook pages TOO. There is also a great page on Facebook called  LOST DOGS - MN. Be sure to post your pet's information (flyer), and a clear photo, there too.  They do a great job getting the word out!

Facebook is a great tool for communication ... for organizing search parties, posting updates, any sightings, and THANK YOU's once your pet has been found. Pages are also public, and viewable by all ... including search engines like Google. So if the person who finds your pet Googles "Lost male Boxer Blaine MN", for example, they would find your Facebook page!

Hope this list has been helpful to those searching for their beloved companions.  If you have any additional suggestions, please feel free to post them in the Comments section below.

P.S. A friendly reminder ... when passing out fliers, do NOT place in mailboxes (it is illegal) ... place in the NEWSPAPER box, or roll-up and place in screen-door handle.  The BEST method, of course, is to ring the door bell, and TALK with everyone you can. They will be more likely to help, if you ask them face-to-face to keep an eye out for your pet.

date Friday, January 20, 2012

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