In All of Creation

In all of creation, it was only the dog that chose freely to leave his own world and walk beside us in ours.

For over 100,000 years, they have shared our caves, our huts, our tepees our igloos, our cabins, our farmhouses, our apartments and condos, and even a thin blanket on a cold city street with a homeless person.

All across this earth, in every place man inhabits, he has sought to share his life, his work, his world with a dog, and unique among all four legged creatures, the dog has sought to understand and share his life with us.

Dogs guard our children, follow us into war, and lie next to us on the floor of our sickrooms as we are dying.

They wish desperately for us to come back when we leave them, and in the beat of a heart, would give their very lives to protect us.

They love us whether we are kind, or unkind, and are quick to forgive our angry words and harsh treatment.

Surely they are much better friends than we deserve. We owe them the best of ourselves, of our patience and kindness and empathy, especially as we teach them all the mystifying, confusing aspects of existing in our human world.

Incapable of artifice or deceit, there is an innocence and clarity that shines from a dog's eyes.

They sit quietly concerned beside us when our hearts are broken, trying to kiss away our tears, and when we are happy, they leap for joy to share our pleasure.

All they ask is to be near us, to pass their lives at our side.

We should be ever grateful, every day for the grace that extended us the privilege of having such friends as these.

~Author Unknown


date Tuesday, January 17, 2012

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