They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, a video must be worth ten-thousand then.

We have seen so many signs and posters over the past few weeks, warning folks about the dangers of leaving your pet in a parked car ... even for "just a few minutes" and with the windows rolled down.

But this is even better ... here is a great VIDEO.

We considered making a similar video ourselves, but are so glad we found this instead ... and now no longer need to make our own. Why suffer when you do not have to? Right!? Which is exactly the point ... why have YOUR pets suffer when they do not have too.

Please leave your pets at home when you run errands, where they are safe & cool. Your pets will thank you!


By-the-way ... if you see a pet in a parked car, assess the situation.  

What is the temp outside? Do you know how long the pet has been in the car? 
Does the pet seem in distress ... vigorous panting, drooling, or worse - laying still and unresponsive? 

Add up ALL of the facts, and if you are concerned for the well being of the pet, then take action. Note the car make, model, color and plate number, then go to the nearest stores and ask the managers to page the owner. If they can not be located, call 911

Stay with the car until the police arrive. DO NOT put yourself in danger of a lawsuit & jail by busting open the car window. Do NOT open the car door ... the pet may bolt out and be hit by a passing car.

When the police arrive, they will decide on the best coarse of action.

Minnesota's law on pets in hot/cold vehicles >>>

MN ST 346.57 - Dog or cat - Unattended in a standing or parked motor vehicle in a manner that endangers the dog's or cat's health or safety.

Petty misdemeanor. A person who violates this subdivision is subject to a fine of $25.

A peace officer, a humane agent, a dog warden, or a volunteer or professional member of a fire or rescue department may use reasonable force to enter a motor vehicle and remove a dog or cat which has been left in the vehicle in violation.

 A person removing a dog or a cat under this subdivision shall use reasonable means to contact the owner. If the person is unable to contact the owner, the person may take the dog or cat to an animal shelter.


date Monday, July 2, 2012

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