So, we've all had problems crate training from time to time I'm sure, but if you follow a few simple steps it can be done!

1st - Place crate(s) in desired area, for this is the area you want your dog to feel comfortable

2nd - Place blankets and bedding into the crate, if you have bedding left over you can place it on top of the crate for later use.

3rd - Leave the crate door open so that your dog can get used to the crate, do not try to force the crate onto your dog, you want this to be a positive experience, and dogs being den animals should take to the crate naturally with given time.

4th - Let the dog be, and come to check every now and then to see if any progress is being made ...

 ... and voilĂ !   shock

Permission to share this with you all was given to us by Jen, from Kaijen Pugs in Mission, BC .. .
we just love her beautiful little puggie girl, Chance! ♥


date Tuesday, July 10, 2012

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