Do thunderstorms, fireworks, or those monsters in the laundry room (aka washer & dryer) cause your pets to tuck their tails and hide in fear?

If so, here is a great little app that plays relaxing "brown noise", to help mask those scary sounds. It is called SimplyNoise. It is FREE if you play it from their website, or for a small donation of any amount, you can download it, if you wish to. It is also available for download onto your phone, for 99 cents.

We tried it the other day while working in the office, and had to turn it off. Yes, turn it off! Why? Because it was soooo soothing that we almost fell asleep at our desk! Doggies were snoring away, of course, with no thought of the monsters in the other room. ;o)

They also have a Facebook page called "SimplyNoise Changed My Life...". Please stop by and tell 'um All God's Creatures Pet Services sent ya! Thx!


date Thursday, June 28, 2012

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