"Original Video - Met Jerry Miller the horses owner for the first time when he stopped by my barbershop today. Jerry said he saw the video on the TV and tracked me down.

Driving north on Highway 75 just north of 4 corners, 25 miles south of Topeka Kansas we found a horse in the back seat of a car. Rick and Mandi Potter, our kids Jade and Riley, and there friend Cheyenne thought it was pretty cool. Driving from Osage City north on 75 toward Topeka for a Walmart run Saturday November 6, 2:15pm, 2010.

Rascal the 15 year old horse and Jerry drive all over Kansas doing shows for folks. Rascal can do 40 different tricks and some say he's the smartest horse in the world. Jerry and Rascal live near Pomona Lake south of Topeka Kansas."


 Ain't Kansas grand ... if this were Texas now, that would be a BIG car with a BIG horse in it! Guess the old feller needed a little more "horsepower".


date Monday, November 15, 2010

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