There sure have been a lot of recalls lately!  Ugh! This time, instead of a pet food recall, this one affects the heartworm medication, Iverhart Max.

We posted this recall on our Facebook page back in March, when it first came out. And later realized that we did not post it here too. Since it is now "that time of the year", when mosquitoes & heartworms are a danger to our pets, we thought now was a good time to post it here too.

Iverhart Max was voluntarily recalled because of concerns with the stability of the main ingredient, Ivermectin. Here is a copy of their press release >>>

Virbac Announces Voluntary Recall Notice for One Lot of IVERHART MAX® Chewable Tablets (ivermectin / pyrantel pamoate / praziquantel)

March 26, 2012

On Monday, March 26, 2012 Virbac AH, Inc. announced a voluntary recall of a single production lot of   IVERHART MAX® Chewable Tablets.
Affected Product:  IVERHART MAX Chewable Tablets, Lot #110482 (Large, 50.1 - 100 lbs)
The lot number is stamped on the side lid/flap of the box in a white text field and on the blister foil of the individual doses. Please note that this voluntary recall affects only this specific lot – no other products are affected by this recall.
Virbac, after promptly notifying the FDA, is coordinating with our distributor network to voluntarily recall the affected product.  Letters have been sent directly to veterinary distributors instructing them to cease distribution of this identified lot and to advise veterinary clinics in receipt of the identified product to cease dispensing this affected lot.
It is important to note that prior to releasing the identified product lot for sale and distribution, numerous tests were performed and all test results were within specifications permitting the release of the product. After release, routine product testing has determined that the ivermectin (an active ingredient) has failed to meet our required stability specifications. Consequently, some dogs dosed with the identified lot may not be fully protected against heartworm disease.

It is Virbac’s goal to ensure that all dogs receive adequate protection against heartworm disease. For potentially affected dogs, veterinarians should contact Virbac Technical Services (800-338-3659 x3052) to discuss recommendations for heartworm testing procedures. If any dog receiving IVERHART MAX Tablets is found infected with heartworms, treatment can be administered and will be covered under the IVERHART product satisfaction guarantee.
Virbac regrets this isolated incident and remains committed to manufacturing quality products.  Testing has confirmed that all other lots of IVERHART MAX Chewable Tablets remain potent. Only this single lot is affected by this recall. Since only the ivermectin is affected, protection against other internal parasites covered by the product is not compromised. Additionally, no heartworm-related adverse events or illnesses have been reported to-date with this lot of product.

 Call your veterinarian, if you have been giving this product to your dog, for further advice.

And as always ... hug your doggies ♥,
~ Zena & Pamela

date Saturday, April 28, 2012

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