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This video shows a dog in the middle to late middle stages of bloat ...  it is priceless for its teaching value.

Important video on BLOAT in dogs.  A MUST watch for all dog owners ... 95% of dogs die from bloat (stomach filling with air), due to not being brought to the Vet in time.

If you wait too long, the air-filled stomach can flip (torse) and cut off the blood supply ... resulting in damage to the stomach wall, liver, spleen and heart muscle. It will then require very expensive surgery, and even if your dog survives the surgery, they may not survive the aftermath when the toxins from the dying tissue are released, causing heart arrhythmia and sepsis

We can write articles about bloat, and talk about bloat all day long, but until you actually experience it , it is very difficult to recognize.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words ... hopefully this video will help someone save their dog's life.

~ What Are The Symptoms?
  • Restlessness - Your dog will act anxious, agitated, uncomfortable, and unable to rest.
  • Loss of appetite - Your dog may not be interested in food and water.
  • Vomiting - Your dog may vomit once or twice followed by nonproductive retching and gagging (dry heaves).
  • Whining, crying, heavy panting, and salivation.
  • Swelling - An enlarged stomach will cause the body wall to protrude prominently, especially on the dog's left side. The swelling will be very firm and obvious enough to see across the room. Occasionally, this distention is not very apparent. This occurs in dogs which have a large portion of the stomach up under the rib cage. In most cases, however, the owner is able to detect the distention.
  • Depression - A dog which experiences significant pain will be very depressed. Your dog may lie in what is commonly called a "praying position" with the front legs drawn fully forward.

If you see your dog exhibit any or all of the symptoms listed above, even if there is no swelling apparent yet, (sometimes there is no obvious swelling in the early stages; your dog just looks "fatter") ... PLEASE CALL YOUR VET AT ONCE FOR INSTRUCTIONS AND BE PREPARED TO TRANSPORT YOUR DOG IMMEDIATELY.

They can take an x-ray to determine if your dog is in the early stages and treat him immediately. If the vet refuses to take an x-ray, INSIST upon it. This is YOUR dog. YOU know him very well and if the vet still refuses to take an x-ray, go elsewhere. The earlier it is caught, the better your dog's chances of living.

Death loss due to GDV (aka Bloat/Torsion) is very high.

Also, find out if there's an emergency animal clinic near you - one that's open during the time your regular veterinarian isn't available. If there isn't an emergency clinic near you, discuss your options with your regular vet. PLEASE, don't assume your regular vet can and will treat your dog if torsion has occurred!!! Ask him or her if they're familiar with GDV and ask how many times they've performed the surgery that may be needed to save your dog's life!! If you're not comfortable with the response, find a veterinarian that IS qualified to treat your dog!!

~ What Can Be Done As Prevention?

To avoid surgery after an occurrence of bloat, the following steps should be taken to minimize the risk factors for bloat:
  • Feed a high quality wholesome diet with appropriate supplements.
  • Feed several smaller meals rather than one large one.
  • If you have more than one dog make sure that they are calm (to minimize swallowing air) during meals. You may have to feed them separately.
  • DO NOT use a raised food bowl. Many studies, including one by Purdue University (, have found that using a raised food bowl INCREASES the risk of bloat by 110%.
  • If your dog is a fast eater and quickly gulps down their kibble, we would also recommend using a "Brake-Fast or Eat-Slow" type bowl or place a large (too big to swallow ... i.e. softball size) stone in their feed bowl. Having to eat around the large stone will help slow them down a bit.
  • DO NOT feed your dogs 1 hour before, or after, vigorous play/exercise/activity ... and avoid lots of twisting or rolling play, particularly shortly after feeding. (Walking is okay because it helps stimulate normal gastrointestinal function.)
  • Ensure water is always available, but limit the amount immediately after feeding.
  • Avoid sudden diet changes. Make any major dietary changes gradually over 7-10 days.
  • Prevent obesity.
  • Watch for any actions or behavior that may signal abdominal discomfort (abdominal fullness, pacing, salivating, whining, getting up and lying down, stretching, looking at abdomen, anxiety and unsuccessful attempts to vomit, etc.)

Also, studies suggest that "dogs having a first degree relative with a history of GDV (Bloat) should not be bred".

Call your veterinarian or emergency clinic if you have any questions.

FYI - "This dog, Roscoe, was saved. He had just arrived in a new home ... Neither the person who brought the dog to this foster home, nor the foster home, had ever seen bloat and had no idea of what they were seeing. As soon as they realized something was wrong, he was rushed to the emergency vet ... The person filming this very kindly allowed it's use as an educational tool so other people can learn to recognize what is happening when a dog bloats. A voice-over was done to point out the various symptoms of bloat to those who may not recognize or understand what they are seeing. This dog bloated, but did not have gastric torsion. His stomach filled with air, but luckily for him, he made it to the vet in enough time that he had not torsed [flipped]. They were able to deflate him and he is now home and doing well." 


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Remember "Where's Waldo"?  Well, this is "Where's the CAT"?

Once you find the Cat, PLEASE do NOT spoil it by saying WHERE it is.  You can say that you found it, and how long it took you though ... just NO hints, please ... it really is there ... plain-as-day, once you see it ... LOL ♥

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Have Fun! :o)

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Just a friendly reminder ... 
If you are an urban/suburban "farmer" looking for someone to collect eggs and care for your backyard Chickens while you are out-of-town (vacation, work, visiting family, etc.), please give us a holler ... we care for ALL God's Creatures - INCLUDING Chickens! ♥
*** Photo credit >>> We just LOVE this photo from Stems 'N Roots (great Facebook page too!). 

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Very sad day, in the horse world today (11-06-11) >>>

Reigning Olympic champion showjumper Hickstead, ridden by Canada’s Eric Lamaze, collapsed & died today in the show ring in Verona, Italy during a  televised FEI World Cup round ... AFTER completing his round.

“We finished our round, I circled and was leaving the ring, and he collapsed and died of an apparent heart attack,” said an emotional Lamaze. “It is the most tragic thing that has ever happened. We had him until he was 15, and we had a great time together. He was the best horse in the world. We are all devastated.”

At this time, the reason for his death is unknown.

Today's competition was stopped at the request of the riders.

Hickstead, from
Torry Pines Stable,  was 15 years old. He was a Dutch Warmblood stallion by Hamlet, out of the mare Jomara.

Hickstead, you will be greatly missed ...

UPDATE 11-09-11:
Preliminary findings from the post-mortem on Hickstead, have confirmed an acute aortic rupture, resulting in heart failure.

Further tests are to be conducted to establish the cause of the rupture, but these tests will take a number of weeks to complete and may prove inconclusive.

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Our thanks go out to our friend, Jean, for sharing this with us.  
The cute boy in the photo is "Wrigley" ... 
brother to Jean's adorable Boxer boy, "Winston" 
(he is a heart-stealer, buy-the-way!). ♥


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Remember this video from the terrible earthquake/tsunami in Japan last spring???

Originally it was reported that they had been picked-up and taken to a rescue.  Money was then solicited for their care, and to search for their owner. However, their "rescue" was all a LIE ... a scam to collect thousands of dollars from the tender-hearted around the world.  The dogs were never rescued ... until recently, that is.

Here is the rest of the story, on what REALLY became of them. >>>

Below is an unedited report/translation from the Japanese SPCA.  As you will read, the owner of the dogs in the above video - a brown two-year-old Brittany spaniel, named Mei chan, and her sister, the more seriously injured white eight-year-old Irish setter, named Lee chan - refutes the "rescue" claims/scam by Mr. Kenn Sakurai ...

Akiko Fujimura, the owner of Nippon SPCA has LOCATED ONE OF THE “STAY TOGETHER” TSUNAMI DOGS.  It has been 7 months.  7 long months of a lot of questions surrounding these dogs, and here is the update.

藤村晃子さんは “STAY TOGETHER” TSUNAMI DOGS  で知られているNippon SPCAの責任者の一人です。この長い7ヶ月間たくさんありました質問などのアップデートです。

Akiko Fujimura was asked to rescue a Dachshund in Fukushima by the owner. While on her mission to rescue the pet, she met the owner, of the famous “stay together” dogs.  The brown Brittany spaniel is named Mei chan and is two years old, the white English Setter is named Lee chan and is eight years old.  They are in fact siblings and come from the same owner.   The owner of the dogs told, their story:

藤 村晃子さんは福島のダックスフン ドの津波犬の飼い主に頼まれました。レスキューに向かう途中藤村晃子さんはあの一緒に居た犬のご主人に逢いました。ブリトニースパニョールのメイちゃん二 歳とイングリシュシッターのリーちゃん8歳です。彼らは姉妹で、同じ飼い主から来ました。飼い主さんによると:

As some of you can remember, these two dogs were caught on video by the FUJI camera crew that’s sparked international awareness for the animals of Fukushima.  The film crew captured the beautiful loyalty of these two dogs, and their protective nature, as siblings frequently demonstrate.  The owner of the dog searched for her pets after the tsunami, she found the brown Brittany Spaniel waiting by the same school that is featured in the background of the video.  The dogs, are used to the school and its surroundings as they accompanied the owner there multiple times.  It was one of the only buildings not destroyed in the area.  A familiar site amongst so much destruction.  The brown Brittany Spaniel, Mei chan, was found waiting for his humans at the same site of the video, by the school.  The owner frantically looked for Lee chan, but sadly, she was nowhere to be found.  To this day, the owner is still looking for her desperately.  Akiko assured the owner, that Nippon SPCA will assist her, and look for Lee chan as well.

ご存知のと うりこの二匹は FUJI cameraのクルーの映像に写り世界中に有名になりました。そのクルーの映像は見事に姉妹の愛情の深さをとらえました。津波のあと飼い主さんは茶色のブ リトニースパニョールのほうを映像にも映っていた学校で見つけました。この学校にはこの犬達にとってなじみの場所であり、時々飼い主さんといっしょに来て いました。そしてこの場所は他の場所とは違ってあまり壊れてはなく、そのままでした。 茶色のブリトニースパニョールのメイちゃんはそこで飼い主さんの来るのを待っていました。けれど、リーちゃんの方は未だに見つかってはおりません。飼い主 さんは未だに探し続けています。晃子さんも、あきらめず、リーちゃんを探し続けています。

This was a very busy time for all rescue groups and shelters, animals needed rescue and assistance, shelters were at capacity, during this chaos, Akiko started getting emails and phone calls, people informing her that Nippon SPCA was being insulted by a man who owned a dog food company.  She was flabbergasted, but didn’t have the real time to look into it as her own shelter had many incoming rescues and she was still on the field.  But when she did have the time, what she found was most disturbing.

今は 動物救助団体、シェルターにとって忙しい時期です。どの動物達も即の救助が必要でどのシェルターも一杯です。そんな中、晃子さんの所に彼女の知り合いの方 から、電話やメールなどが届きました。ある人が 津波犬に関してNippon SPCAのことを中傷しているということでした。そのとき晃子さんはとても忙しくその確認をする時間などありませんでした。その事実を確信した時それは驚 くべきことでした。

A man named Kenn Sakurai, President of Butch Foods, was insulting many animal welfare organizations via social media, and Nippon SPCA was one of them.  She didn’t know who he was or why he was doing this at the time, but she found out he was claiming to be directly involved in the rescue of the “stay together dogs”.  Claiming that HE coordinated THEIR rescue.  There is an incredible issue, considering that Akiko had already met the owner, and already knew that one dog, the 8 year old setter named Lee chan remains missing.  She decided to reach out to Kenn Sakurai and question why he is insulting an organization that he has never had anything to do with (hers) and why he is claiming to have been involved with a rescue that he again had nothing to do with.  She called Kenn who didn’t answer her questions on both insulting her organization and the details surrounding the “rescue”.  She therefore decided to approach this via the written word, and she wrote to him.  She wanted to limit it to a few clear and concise questions, they are:

彼 の名前は桜井けん。かれは Butch Foods会社の社長でソーシャルメディアを使い数々の動物救助団体を非難、 Nippon SPCA もそのうちの一つでした。晃子さんはどうして彼がそのような事をするのか当時わかりませんでしたが、後に彼が“STAY TOGETHER” TSUNAMI DOGS のレスキューと直接関わりそしてその指揮をとったと名乗っている事を知りました。これは驚くべきことで、晃子さんは飼い主さんと直接逢い、一匹のいぬと直 接逢い、そしてもう一匹の8歳のリーちゃんが居ない事を知っています。晃子さんは 桜井けんさんと直接逢いなぜかれがソーシャルメディアを使い数々の動物救助団体を非難しているのか、そして彼がなぜ逢った事もないレスキューのことを彼が したと主張しているのか聞こうとしました。晃子さんはけんさんに電話しましたが彼にもそして彼の会社にものらりくらりと返事をくれる様子はありませんでし た。晃子さんは、FAXを使って書面で、情報開示をの要請を彼のもとに行いました。その質問は下記に記してあります。

Question 1: Where were you when the disaster hit?
Question 2: Where exactly were these dogs when they were rescued?
Question 3: Where is the vet clinic that you stated the dogs are staying at? 
Question 4: Which police department did you do go?
Question 5:  What was the condition of the dogs when they were rescued?


Akiko then received a response by Kenn’s attorney.  Kenn’s attorney outlined he cannot reveal the name of the pet’s owner, cannot agree or disagree, as the microchip information is deemed privileged information.  If that was so.  Kenn wouldn’t have the information either. 


The difference is, Akiko knows the owner, has a picture of the found spaniel, Mei chan, and is still working with the owner to find Lee chan, the missing white English setter.


We support Nippon SPCA in her quest to reunite the entire family and sincerely thank her for her statement, her photos, and her honesty. 

私たちは晃子さんそして Nippon SPCA のこの家族をいっしょにしてあげたいという志を支援しそして彼女の忠実なことばに感謝いたします。

Please find an update photo of Mei chan, the beautiful Brittany spaniel that protected her sister.  We have been granted permission to publish Mei chan’s photo.  Due to Akiko’s limited English, please convey any English speaking questions to The Hachiko Coalition and it will be answered in an orderly fashion through translators.  Thank you.

こ の美しいお姉さんを守ろうと した茶色のスパニョールのメイちゃんの写真を見てください。メイちゃんの写真を公表する権利を私たちは頂いております。藤村晃子さんは英語はしゃべれませ ん。もし英語での晃子さんへの質問がおありでしたら、どうぞ The Hachiko Coalitionのほうへお送りください。翻訳ののち送らせて頂きます。宜しくお願い致します。

Should you wish to support the Nippon SPCA, please visit their website:

date Thursday, November 3, 2011


- Written By Guest Blogger: Susan Thixton

The Obama Administration has initiated a petition program titled 'We the People, Your voice in our government'.  They asked, I've submitted the petition representing pet owners.  If we reach 25,000 signatures, we are promised an 'official response' from the White House.  Now it's up to us!

On the website, you'll find a link to the new petition program.  The site states "This tool provides you with a new way to petition the Obama Administration to take action on a range of important issues facing our country. If a petition gets enough support, White House staff will review it, ensure it’s sent to the appropriate policy experts, and issue an official response."

An 'official response' regarding FDA allowing waste ingredients into pet food!  Now wouldn't that be interesting!  Here's our chance.

We need 25,000 signatures for that official response.  Please, please, please sign this petition and ask every pet owner you know to do the same.

The petition itself had to be brief; only 800 characters were allowed (including spaces).  That was tough, but here it is...

We believe the Obama Administration should require the FDA to enforce the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (The Act) - as it is written - with pet foods.  The Act clearly defines 'food' as that for humans and animals.  Yet currently, the FDA allows materials from diseased animals, euthanized animals, downer animals, rodent feces and insect infested foods to be processed into pet foods/animal foods.  Consumers are not warned their pet food purchases could contain illegal ingredients and often pay premium prices for such.

We request the FDA to be required to abide by The Act or request the FDA to require all pet foods that do not provide certification of compliance of The Act to be clearly labeled with a warning to the consumer.  To learn more visit

Here is the link to the petition:

Not within the petition (just not enough room!), but significant for all who sign is the evidence supporting our petition...

The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (The Act) defines food as: "The term ‘food’ means (1) articles used for food or drink for man or other animals, (2) chewing gum, and (3) articles used for components of any such article."  Section 201 (f)

Clearly, pet food/animal food should be protected by Federal law.

The Act defines adulterated (prohibited) food as: "A food shall be deemed to be adulterated – (a) Poisonous, insanitary, or deleterious ingredients.” (a)(5) “if it is, in whole or in part, the product of a diseased animal or of an animal which has died otherwise than by slaughter." Section 402

Clearly, pet foods/animal foods that contain insanitary ingredients or ingredients sourced from diseased or euthanized animals would be prohibited to sell.  But...

Despite Federal law, the FDA provides the pet food/animal food industry with loopholes to violate The Act; these loopholes are known officially as Compliance Policies.

As evidence:
FDA Compliance Policy CPG Sec. 690.300
"Pet food consisting of material from diseased animals or animals which have died otherwise than by slaughter, which is in violation of 402(a)(5) will not ordinarily be actionable, if it is not otherwise in violation of the law. It will be considered fit for animal consumption."
FDA Compliance Policy CPG Sec. 675.400
"POLICY:  No regulatory action will be considered for animal feed ingredients resulting from the ordinary rendering process of industry, including those using animals which have died otherwise than by slaughter, provided they are not otherwise in violation of the law."

FDA Compliance Policy CPG Sec. 675.100
"FDA does not object to the diversion to animal feed of human food adulterated with rodent, roach, or bird excreta."

FDA Compliance Policy 675.200
"The *Center* will consider the requests for diversion of food considered adulterated for human use in all situations where the diverted food will be acceptable for its intended animal food use. Such situations may include:
a. Pesticide contamination in excess of the permitted tolerance or action level.
b. Pesticide contamination where the pesticide involved is unapproved for use on a food or feed commodity.
c. Contamination by industrial chemicals.
d. Contamination by natural toxicants.
e. Contamination by filth.
f. Microbiological contamination.
g. Over tolerance or unpermitted drug residues."

It is crystal clear; these FDA Compliance Policies allow pet foods/animal foods to violate the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.  No Government Agency should have the authority to tell industry they can avoid the law.

We ask the Obama Administration for one of the following...

1)  FDA to immediately remove all Compliance Policies that allow pet foods and animal foods to violate The Act; immediately enforce The Act as it is written; or
2) FDA to immediately require all pet foods and animal foods that may include an ingredient which violates The Act to be clearly marked with a warning on the label.  Only pet foods that certify compliance of The Act would be excused from the warning requirement.  We suggest the following label warning on all other pet foods and treats:  Warning This Pet Product could contain illegal ingredients and could put your pets health at risk.

So now it is up to us.  We need 25,000 signatures before December 1, 2011.  Here is the link to the petition: 
Please forward this petition to every pet owner you know and ask them to do the same.

We have been given a rare opportunity to finally bring illegal pet food ingredients into the forefront of those that can force change!   Aren't you a little curious as to how this subject will be responded to?  The ONLY way that can happen is if we reach our 25,000 signatures goal.  Please sign and forward!

Visit the Facebook Page for this effort - We the Pet People.  Please Like the page and ask others to do the same.

Good Luck to all of us!  Here's hoping we get 25,000 + signatures.  I REALLY want to see the 'official response' to this!

Wishing you and your pet(s) the best,

Susan Thixton
Pet Food Safety Advocate


date Wednesday, November 2, 2011

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