My heart is breaking ... our sweet, sweet Sheba passed away last evening ...

Just a tad short of 12 years old, Sheba was a grand ole' gal ... truly a queen ... a beauty in every way.

She was a quiet girl. An ever present family member, but never intrusive. Always wanted to be a part of everything, but never pushy about it. She was very easy going, and was a friend to all. She loved rides in the car, going places, cheese, cuddling on the blanket with us, going for walks with "Dad", playing with her toys, and LOVED helping to unwrap gifts ... gently taking the edge of the paper and peeling it away, never harming the gift or eating the paper ... she will be so, so missed when we all open gifts next week.

Sheba was soooo smart, a fast learner, and very obedient. She could be fully trusted to never harm or destroy anything in the house or car. It was "her" home, and she treated everything respectfully. She house-trained easily, and never intentionally pottied in the house. This was probably one of the hardest parts of her illness ... she hated that she had "accidents", and did not like being watched while she pottied outside (which she had to endure since her hind quarters had to be supported by us).

She was a "girlie" girl ... she did not like her feet getting dirty or wet, and took pride in being well groomed. She loved wearing her sweater, and her collar ... and tolerated her Christmas Santa hat. She hated the rain, and was terrified of storms ... we always knew when bad weather was on the way, because Sheba would try to herd us all down in to the basement where it was "safe".

Sheba was a great mom to Billy and Zena, and they seem lost today without her. She taught them well how to be good Boxers. She always let them have the best of everything (treats, toys, sleeping spot, etc.) ... however, they both respected her and knew, if she wanted to be, she was the Boss.

The photo above is one of the few full-on photos we have of Sheba ... she HATED having her picture taken. Many of the photos we have are of the back of her head.

Sheba loved life ... happy, and trying to play with her toys, right up to the end. She was so beautiful ... inside & out ... a beautiful Boxer ... a sweet ole' soul.

Final hugs & kisses were given to each other (one on Mom's cheek) ... teary good-byes said ... cheese treats and one last long car ride ... a short stop at the vet's ... cuddled in Dad's loving arms in the back of "her" truck, being lovingly stroked by all, she fell asleep one last time ...

We knew the end was quickly approaching for our sweet Sheba, and thought we were "prepared" ... guess we were wrong about that one. The pain & grief is so much stronger than I had expected. She was such a major part of our lives, that there is this "hollowness" in our home & hearts today. So many of the major events in our lives have had Sheba present in them.

You were greatly loved, our sweet, sweet, Sheba .... and you will be so greatly missed ... rose


date Wednesday, December 15, 2010

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  1. All God's Creatures Pet Services
    December 24, 2010 at 11:22 AM

    I would like to thank everyone for your kind words, condolences, and prayers.

    I have read and re-read all of the posts and emails, and have received great comfort. Each time a memory of Sheba is shared, I cry ... yet the pain is a bit less each time.

    It is amazing how much these dogs (and all pets, actually) add to our lives. Their faithfulness, unconditional love, joy in our presence, exuberance, and even their naughty antics all work together to carve out a special spot in our hearts for them.

    Again, thank you so much ... you will never know how much you all have helped.

    Boxer Hugs,

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