This is so cool ... a laptop for dogs! Made by Toshiba USA, it comes loaded with software designed for dogs, and was tested by the US Boxer Club!

We think this is a GREAT idea! ♥

It comes complete with -

  • Bone-Shaped Touchpad which Provides Easy Browsing and Navigation - An oversized, chemical-free touchpad makes canine computing fun and protects sensitive paw pads.
  • Slobber Resistant Design - A suite of SlobberGuard technologies protects your investment against overabundant salivation, unfortunate accidents and spills.
  • Built-in DoggyCam for Inter-Canine Video Conferencing - With a fully integrated 3.2 megapixel doggycam with mic, socializing can happen anytime, anywhere — his 3:00am barking outbursts are now a thing of the past.
  • Pawprint Reader Offers Added Security and Convenience - Forget complicated usernames and passwords. A simple swipe of the paw lets you safely log in to your system and access important files and programs.
  • Pet Pack for Dogs - The Pet Pack is perfectly designed to fit all doggy shapes and sizes and comes in several exciting colors.
  • Bark-to-Text Software - Easily convert your barks to text using innovative ruff recognition. Send emails or create documents three times faster than most dogs can type with up to 99% accuracy.

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~ Zena


date Sunday, April 1, 2012

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