We have "Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet-Week" , "Deaf Dog Awareness Week", and "National Dog Week" ... all occurring this week!

Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet-Week brings attention to the many blind, senior, deaf or black (yes, BLACK!) doggies whom often get overlooked when folks are looking to add a doggie to their homes. Folks often think they are just bringing home "a problem" if they adopt a special needs dog, but what they are really doing is missing out on the huge blessing these pets can add to your life.  Check-out Petfinder for a special listing of dogs near you!

Deaf Dog Awareness Week is seeking to bring attention to the thousands of deaf doggies that share our homes & lives.  We know many deaf doggies (white Boxers sometimes struggle with deafness), and they are no different than hearing dogs. They are just as smart, fun, loyal and loving as any other doggie. Do not pass-up a doggie, just because it has a hearing loss ... you may be passing-up a GREAT companion & friend!

National Dog Week was established in 1928 by dog-enthusiast William Lewis Judy to encourage responsible pet ownership among America’s growing population of dog owners and to honor our dogs for all the good they do. A whole week! Who knew? What will YOU be doing this week to show your doggies how special they are?  A new toy? A bath? A care ride? A new companion (puppy)? Or maybe a nice long walk? No time for a walk, well you can always give us a call, and we will take him out for a special walk! =o)

I feel so special!
~ Zena

* Oh, it is mom's birthday this week too! Happy birthday, mom! I woof you!  ♥


date Monday, September 19, 2011

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