Welcome to our new blog!  We appreciate that you have taken the time to stop by.  As this is our first attempt at a blog, we hope you will overlook any faux-"paws".  We realize that there may be a few "ruff" spots at first, but we hope with time all will go smoothly.

My name is Zena ... I am a Boxer, and a princess.  OK, I am not really a princess, but I think they should make me one. I like to run fast, eat fast, and sleep on mom's lap. Oh, and I love car rides.  Mom says I am a "good travel companion", whatever that means.  I will be the main poster here.

Well, looks like everyone is going outside to play, so I'll catch y'all later.  Thanks again for stopping by.  I look forward to seeing you again soon!

Boxer Hugs,
AGC Spokesperson Doggie

My baby picture ... so cute!

date Wednesday, October 20, 2010

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