Flea season is upon us. Flea prevention, however, does not always require the use of harmful chemicals. Below are some chemical-free ideas on flea management.

- Available in health food stores, citrus peel extract-based solutions can be used to wash floors and clean bedding of fleas.

- Cut orange chunks can be boiled in water to create a topical solution. Be sure to let the liquid cool and then pour it over your dog’s fur taking care to rub it into the skin.

- Diatomaceous earth is a dry powder that can occasionally be applied directly to your pet’s fur. This natural, organic product dehydrates fleas and helps rid your pet of these pests. This powder can also be applied in small quantities to dog food to help prevent fleas.

- Regular bathing with a mild, natural soap can also be very effective part of a chemical-free flea prevention program.

Do you have any more to add? What have YOU found to be most effective?
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date Thursday, June 9, 2011

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